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Celestial ClassicsCelestial Classics - Music by Anugama

Peaceful largos arranged with soft, celestial sounds capturing the essence of the Old Masters in the spirit of the "Classical Healing Effect".

The compositions have been arranged at a slow and relaxed tempo of 60 beats per minute, which has a most calming effect on the listener.

1. Trois Gymnopédies  7:36 Eric Satie

2. Moonlight Sonata, C# Minor 6:57 Beethoven

3. Concerto For Flute & Orchestra, Cantabile 4:57 Vivaldi

4. Concerto For Oboe & Orchestra BWV 1060 7:24 Bach

5. Andante From Italian Concerto 5:01 Bach

6. Largo From Concerto For Flute & Orchestra in D-Major 4:21 Teleman

7. Piano Concerto in F Minor 2:26 Bach

8. Largo From Concerto For Flute & Orchestra in C-Major 4:05 Vivaldi

9. Sonata For Flute and Cembalo in E# Major  2:29 Bach

10.Trinklied 2:26 Mozart

11.Canon in D-Major 7:45 Pachelbel

12.Air-Suite Nr. 3 in D-Major  4:41 Bach

13.Quartet in D-Major 3:07 Mozart

Anugama plays: Diverse keyboard arrangments.

Total Time: 64.03

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