Concerts & Seminars 2008
with Peter & Aneeta

Celebrations and Explorations of Voice, Energy and Movement

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Soulsinging Concerts: are joyous celebrations of Peter in concert combined with group singing and circle dancing
Soulsound Seminars: are 1 - 2 day explorations of voice, energy & movement

These concerts and seminars are open to those experienced in singing and to those who are not. They are for lovers of singing and for those who are ready to discover that indeed they can sing. Regardless of your expertise, we especially invite those who want to celebrate in song with open heart and wish to widen their experience in inner exploration, the healing power of the voice and effortless, joyful singing. These explorations range from light and playful to meditative and sacred, from the roots and grounding energies of chants and sounds to the wings of inspiration and soaring angelic song within each of us.

Peter sings ecstatic songs inspired by poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Osho and other poets and mystics. Through his songs he expresses the ever deepening recognition of the perfection of this moment. The heart shines through his voice and evokes love in all our hearts.
There will be kirtan-style singing and poetry, sounding and chanting.

“Out beyond ideas of being right or wrong
there is a place , I’ll meet you there!”

“Come, come whoever you are,....
..even if you have broken your vows a thousand times..”

This is a heart opening and deep inner experience for all .
Take this opportunity to soar.

"the depth of meditative and loving energy at these concerts is awsome!”
"I experienced inner peace and wellbeing like never before”
"this is satsang, music and celebration all in one!”

Workshops & Seminars
The seminars focus on the voice and its energetic, archetypal and physicalexpression.
In an attitude of welcome acceptance, we explore listening, varieties of vocal expression; connecting with others in song, movementand dances and diving deep within our unique aloneness in sound and silence.
You are invited to explore your voice as a mysterious, wondrous gift to
enjoy with curiosity, playfulness, acceptance, humor and consciousness.

You don"t need to be a musician. And you will discover that you are one!
This workshop is an invitation to discover the music in your soul, and togive expression to it. If you are one of those people who have always loved music, but believe that making music is not your gift , this workshop could totally transform that belief and your relationship with music.If you are a musician seeking the soul of your own creativity, you won"t be the first who re-connected with the Muse through spending time with Peter and Aneeta.
This workshop is an inspirational breath of fresh air.
Connect with yourself in the realm of music and inspiration and explore the healing power of the voice.

The workshops include:
Active and silent Meditations,
Shamanic practices from many traditions
"singing your heart"
Vision quest
Centering through expression
Chi Gong with sound
opening body, mind and heart
and playful singing through it all!

"Full of sweetness, love and joy! Singing and dancing with Peter & Aneeta opened the door so easily into being. The song sang me and the dancer disappeared."

Available upon request Peter and Aneeta also lead singing celebratioins within other workshops, seminars, conferences and private gatherings.

You can contact us in these ways:
Telephone/Fax: 707-987 8132

Schedule of Events 2008

Soulsinging Home-Page

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