Lightness of Being

Jungle of Joy Total Time: 56:08

The bamboo forests and jungles of the Pacific Islands radiate serenity, a stillness full of life. Earthly rhythms underlie joyous and meditative melodies. Ethnic instruments like the shakuhaji, drums and South American pan flute give each piece its own unique and very special character.

Anugama plays: classical guitar, flamenco guitar, recorder flute, native American flute, shakuhaji flute,native American drums, keyboards and voices.

1. Jungle of Joy 6:03 min

2. Riding the Wave 6:10 min

3. Hula Magic 6:30 min

4. Maui Samba 5:20 min

5. Tropical Morning 8:37 min

6. Sprit of the Forest 6:22 min

7. Call of the Search 5:52 min

8. Kokopelli's Ritual 4:10 min

9. Rhythm of Love 5:00 min

10. Jungle of Joy Reprise 2:19 min