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Anugama is a gifted multi-instrumentalist who has been publishing his music for the last 20 years. His music covers a wide spectrum of expression: from tribal rhythmical Dance music, to shamanistic music of power and peace, to uplifting, lyrical melodies that make the spirit soar, to flute music derived from a wide variety of cultures of the world.
He creates the ethereal music of vastness and silence that let the listener explore their own inner expansion and stillness. His special strength lies in the exceptional feeling, sensitivity and skill which pervade his compelling and alive rhythms that are the heart of his music. AnugamaÕs music creates an environment of uplifting support, confirmation and nourishment for heart and soul.

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Shamanic Dream - Anugama

Shamanic DreamA relaxed heartbeat drum rhythm accompanied by the sacred mantra "So be it" draws the listener deep into the healing power of mother earth. Ethereal and mystical sounds on the second track Chakra Journey vitalize and harmonize the subtle energy centers of the body.

1. Shamanic Dream

Earth-Sound in C# and with Mantra "So Be It"

2. Chakra Journey

with chakra color-sounds

3. Mystical Trance

Total Time: 73:00

Anugama plays: classical guitar, flamenco guitar, recorder flute, native American flute, shakuhaji flute,native American drums, keyboards and voices.

Anugama's Discography

Shamanic Dream

Shamanic Dream II



The Lightness of Being

Environment 1
Ocean and Tambura

Environment 2
River and Bells

Silent Joy

Morning Breeze

Jungle of Joy

Exotic Dance

Celestial Classics

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